For my Birthday this year I was given this lovely bag of fiber. Kelly (mother-in-law) asked me to weave herself and Leslie (sister-in-law) a scarf each. Now most people would be like what! Your giving me a gift, but you want me to give it back to you? But no not me, I was and still am really excited to work with the luscious fibers and colours.

I have made one scarf, and will create the second one soon, as you can see in the pic it is waiting very patiently on my little loom. One big point I would like to make, is DO NOT put the Sari Silk in the warp. Unless you are prepared to have a warp with little to no tension. Let me tell you it’s not fun! Sari Silk Ribbon, is made from old threadbare sari’s which, I think makes it so interesting to work with. It’s steeped in history already, and it’s getting reborn to have a completely new life. I especially like to wonder how many times the fabric got washed in the Ganges before it was turned into ribbon.

Weaving with Malabrigo and Sari Silk Ribbon

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